Several yummy Krispy Kreme donuts
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At least 50% profit with our Fundraisers compared to 10-20% with most others. Why not spend your time making more money?


Traditional Donut Sales

Krispy Kreme offers our doughnuts to non-profit groups at a reduced price, which are then resold for full retail price, or slightly higher. Pre-selling doughnuts to family, friends and neighbors or selling doughnuts at high-traffic areas such as shopping centers or community festivals can generate significant funds.



Certificates are a great alternative to selling actual doughnuts. You sell certificates to family, friends and neighbors, which they can redeem for one dozen Original Glazed doughnuts (per certificate) at any participating Krispy Kreme retail store.It also means you don't have to deal with ordering and delivering doughnuts after you've made the sale.

partnership cards

Partnership Cards

If your school or organization is within 30 minutes of a Krispy Kreme retail store, you may want to consider selling Partnership Cards as a fundraiser. With a Partnership Card, customers get a free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts with the purchase of a dozen of their choice. Their card gets punched each time they use it, and they can use it up to 10 times. (limit 3 free dozen per visit).



Krispy Kreme's Signature Coffees are available for fundraising in participating markets. We have three great coffee blends: House Blend Coffee, Dark Roast Coffee, and House Decaf Coffee. Try selling 12 oz. bags on their own or with our other fundraising products. When you sell Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee Blends for your fundraising activity, your profit is $3.00 or more per bag.

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glazed doughnuts

Donut Sales &
Fundraising Certificates

Each certificate is redeemable for one dozen Original Glazed Donut.

(Limit 3 certificate redemptions per day.)

doughnut certificates chocolate doughnuts and strawberry filled doughnuts

Original Glazed® Donut Dozens
& Fundraising Certificates

Quantity Your Cost Selling Price Profit At $8.00
25-99 $4.00 $8.00 $4.00
100-299 $3.50 $8.00 $4.50
300-599 $3.25 $8.00 $4.75
600+ $3.00 $8.00 $5.00

Chocolate Iced Dozens*

Your Cost Selling Price Profit
$5 $8 $3
Krispy Kreme Fundraising certificates

Partnership Cards

Each certificate is redeemable for one dozen Original Glazed Donut.

(Limit 3 certificate redemptions per day.)

Your Cost Selling Price Profit
$6 $12 $6
Bags of delicious Krispy Kreme coffee

Signature Coffee

Each certificate is redeemable for one dozen Original Glazed Donut.

(Limit 3 certificate redemptions per day.)

Your Cost Selling Price Profit
$6 $9 $3
Step 3


People are talking about their FUNdraising experience.
What's your story? Submit your testimonial.

photo of scrappy dude, giving testimonial

Donuts for breakfast?

I had such a fun time FUNdraising that I went on to sell Krispy Kreme donuts professionally. Bye bye insurance calls! The tagline my customers most appreciate is, "move aside Weaties, there's a new breakfast in town!"

— The Opportunist

photo of baseball kid, giving testimonial

After a game, I

Krispy Kreme donuts may seem at odds with my lifestyle as a rising star in the little league. But I have to tell you, when I knock the last big one out of the park and the team is rushing to our the donut stand � I'm all in for Krispy Kreme!

— The Little Leaguer

photo of beaming teacher, giving testimonial


Now that I have my students FUNdraising, their participation in my class has skyrocketed. "Don't bring me an apple if you want my affections", I tell them, "bring me a Krispy Kreme donut!". Kids love selling America's favorite donut for a good cause!

— Your Teacher

photo of the Krispy Kreme brand, giving testimonial

FUNdraising is FUN

Krispy Kreme is here to put the FUN back into FUNdraising. After you've been the beneficiary of deeply discounted donuts, you'll wonder how you ever survived. Yea, it's that F-U-N.

— Krispy Kreme FUNdraising

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* Fill out the application below and press "SUBMIT" in order to send in an application.


(Required only if the organization is exempt from sales tax in this state. Not required to receive fundraising pricing.)

CONTACT INFORMATION (Person in charge or responsible for fundraiser)

I certify that I represent the above named organization and that the proceeds from the re-sale of Krispy Kreme Fundraising products purchased by this organization will be used for the purpose stated above and not for individual gain or profit.

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